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AOC Faugères

The A.O.C Faugères

The Appellation Area :

The Faugères appellation stretches out over 2000 hectares, they are managed by one cooperative and 45 winemakers from private wineries. The appellation area covers 7 communes: Faugères, Cabrerolles, Caussignojouls, Laurens, Autignac, Roquessels et Fos. The entire vineyard is on a terroir of schist.

History :

1948 : Creation of the Faugères appellation area.
1955 : Transition to VDQS (Designated Wine of Superior Quality) for the red and rosé wines.
1982 : Transition to AOC (Registered Designation of Origin) for the red and rosé wines.
2000 : Relaunch of the production of Faugères brandy.
2004 : Transition to AOC for the white wines.

The vine stock :

For the reds and the rosé

- CARIGNAN 40 % max
- CINSAULT 20 % max
- GRENACHE 20 % max
- SYRAH or MOURVEDRE 15 % with at least 5 % Mourvedre
- GRENACHE - SYRAH - MOURVEDRE must represent at least 50% of the vine stock for the production of 2005.
Start of production for young vines in their 4th leaf.

For the Whites

Main Grape Varieties :
- MARSANNE 70 % max
- ROUSSANNE 70 % max and 30% min
- VERMENTINO (Rolle) 70 % max

Secondary Grape Varieties :

The whites originate from a blend of grapes or wine issued from at least two of these grape varieties of which one must be the Roussanne.

Tasting :

For the Rosé

The Cinsault brings finesse and floral notes (90% of Cinsault is used for the elaboration of rosé wines).
The Grenache brings roundness.
The Syrah brings fruity notes and a beautiful softly intense colour.
The Mourvèdre is an excellent anti-oxidant.

For the Reds

The Grenache provides a significant alcoholic foundation and is characterised by its fruity and very spicy notes.
The Carignan is vinified when destemmed or by carbonic maceration, in order to eliminate the slightly astringent tannins.
The aromas of the Syrah are quite floral (violets) or of overripe red fruit.
The Mouvèdre gives an often animal character and its tannins are reputed to be of very high quality.

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